Lions News · Student vs Faculty Basketball Game

GAME ON!!  This Friday, March 22nd at 6:00 PM in the Ludlow High main gym, students from LHS will be battling it out on the hardwood against a district-wide faculty/staff all-star team in a friendly game of basketball.

This year’s game is coordinated by the Lions Den Athletic Association the fundraising organization for all Ludlow Athletic teams.

Admission to the game is $5.00. There will be a concession stand, raffle prizes, and a half-court shot contest.

What better way to kick off family reconnect weekend, then a Friday night basketball game.


Team Rosters

Hannah Albright

Brian Beem
Sadie Goncalves

Robert Gregory
Benjamin Guerin

Caleb Hansen
Darius Housey

Mary Jordan

Carson Kowalski

Kayla McKay
Kassandra Muise

Phil Nguyen
Gabe Rivera

David A. Rivera ll
Dean Rodolakis

Kate Rooney
Aubry Rosenblum

Jack Serafino
Sofia Tulik

Todd Gazda

David Galvin
Zachary Richer

Greg Kolodziey
Erica Faginski-Stark

Amanda Nascin
Jaclyn Keefe

Brian Walsh
Leslee Sharon

Chip Harrington
Adelei Bernard

Keni Mendez
Jonathan Mitchell

Holly Chacon
Tim Brillo

Chelsea Pafumi
Morgan Foye

Darrell Owens
Gary Elson

Tom Cebula( Official or Coach)
Alyssa Guyon (Official)
Jacob Vautrain ( Announcer )