Boys Cross Country, Girls Cross Country · Ludlow Cross Country Celebration and Award Winners


This morning the boys and girls cross country celebrated their fantastic season. Throughout the season the athletes gave back to the community, worked hard, built a family, learned how to race and how to balance life. We had 21 athletes make high honors and 9 received honor roll. Athletes volunteered at the Fire Department Open House. Lots of quality time and team bonding experiences including pasta parties, “Hold the Rope” adventures, pumpkin run, secret psych, scavenger hunts and our overnight.  We ended the regular season with a record: Girls 7-2 Boys 5-6. Girls team everyone that was healthy broke 30 minutes and 15 ran faster than 25 minutes. The boys team was close to reaching the goal of everyone under 25 minutes but were able to have 10 under 20 minutes.

Post season:
PVIAC Championship @Stanley Park Westfield
Varsity: Boys: 11th place led by Darius Housey 16:50
Varsity Girls: 3rd place led by Kendyl Vermette 19:12
JV Girls: 2nd place Boys 12th place
WMASS Championship @ Northfield Mountain
Boys: 11th place
Qualifiers: Brian Beem, JP Collins, Darius Housey, Max Mortimer, Patrick Casagrande, Alex Brown, Aaron Stasiowski Alt. Jacob Dias, David Keroack, Leo Laguerre
Top finisher: Darius Housey 17:36 12th place
Girls: 4th place
Qualifiers: Kendyl Vermette, Sofia Tulik, Brianna Charow, Katelyn Fernandes,Alora Bertini, Gabby Walczak, Kyle Gauvin Alt.Kayla McKay, Gizzelle Abanador, Kayla Lyman
Top finishers: Kendyl Vermette 20:31 6th place and Sofia Tulik 20:34 7th place
State Championships @Gardner Golf Course
Qualifiers: Kendyl Vermette and Sofia Tulik, Darius Housey
All league selection: Kendyl Vermette, Sofia Tulik and Darius Housey

Most Valuable runner:
Darius Housey and Kendyl Vermette
Rookie of the year:
Alex Brown and Kylie Gauvin
Will to Win Athlete:
Brian Beem and Sofia Tulik
Lions Award:
Jimmy Elliott and Kayla McKay, Gabby Walczak, Gizzelle Abanador
Most improved:
Aaron Stasiowski and Yvette Lauzon
Left a footprint:
Pat Casagrande and Lizzy Pereira

MSTCA Coach of the Year: Amy Walsh


Photos of our athletes: 

Senior Boys

Senior Girls


Junior boys

Junior girls

Sophomore Boys

Sophomore Girls

Freshmen Boys

Freshmen Girls