Lions News · Winter Sports Update

Ludlow Athletics FAQs 

  1. Will there be winter sports?

At the December 8th and January 12 LPS School Committee meetings, the board approved Ludlow Athletics’ recommendation to offer winter sports. The committee does have strong concerns about the current increase in COVID positivity rates in our community and will continue to monitor the infection rate throughout the season.  So, what does this mean? It means that we are approved to start sports on Jan 11th and that in order for us to keep our kids playing we all must remain diligent with mask-wearing, handwashing, and social distancing. 


   2. When does the season start and what will it look like?

As of Dec 10th, the PVIAC has adjusted the first day of winter tryouts to Jan 11th and the season will run through Feb 28th. This will not be the typical season. What I do know for sure is that the PVIAC and our local school districts are working to make the best and safest season possible for all our PVIAC athletes. The PVIAC Executive Board approved a regionalized schedule for games.  We just ask that you have a little patience for us, we will update our players and families once we finalize things.



3. Should I register my athlete for winter sports? 

YES. Fall registration opened  November 23rd  on FamilyID   Late fee will now go into effect on Jan 4th


4. If the season is canceled will my user fee be refunded?  

YES.  If the winter season is canceled before we begin gameplay all user fees will be refunded. 


5. What sports does LHS plan to offer in the winter?  

Low Risk 


Moderate Risk 

Swimming (all Meets will be virtual) 

Indoor Track (No Meets, conditioning only ) MIAA recommends moving Indoor track to the Fall 2 season March 1st through April 25th 

High Risk 

Basketball, Ice Hockey 

Wrestling was not approved for competition.  MIAA recommended that wrestling be moved to the spring season and will need School Committee approval to run Level 1 practices starting March 1st

 EEA guidelines. as of Nov. 12, 2020

The MIAA Winter Sport modifications and recommendations can be found HERE Please familiarize yourself with the guidelines that have been laid out. The goal of Ludlow Athletics is to keep as many of our teams safely back on the field as possible, however, the games may look a little different.


6. If my student-athlete elects to participate in remote learning only will they be able to still participate in interscholastic athletics at Ludlow High?

YES. On September 2nd the Ludlow School Committee voted to allow full remote students the opportunity to participate in LHS athletic programs.


7.Does my athlete need to have a mask? 

  YES. Masks will be required for all athletes. Masks are to be supplied by the athlete and their family.  (NO GATIERS) 


8.Offseason workouts/Captains practices.

Ludlow High School, the PVIAC, and the MIAA do NOT sanction, condone, or have any involvement in out-of-season workouts or “Captains Practices.”  The Governor has released the state’s Phase 3 step 1 guidelines and they only pertain to summer youth and adult amateur sports activities.  High-risk sports such as wrestling and competitive cheer are still limited to individual and small group workouts.


9.Will student-athletes be screened before practices and games?

Yes. As we did in the fall all athletes and Coaches are required to create a profile on the AT Genius platform. The AT Genius platform will be used to track COVID-19 self-certification as well as injuries. Directions will be emailed to the athletes’ email account


10. What is the protocol when student-athlete tests positive for COVID-19?

The coach or student-athlete needs to notify the athletic department of a positive diagnosis as soon as diagnosed. Once notified, the school nurse, principal, and health department will be notified. This student-athlete will now begin their isolation period of about 10 days. All participants that have practiced or competed with this individual up to 48 hours prior to symptom onset should be excluded from practice for 14 days. A medical evaluation is required for student-athletes with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 to return to sport. This may include additional cardiac screenings, such as an electrocardiogram (ECG), pulmonary, and kidney function testing, as determined by their physician. Once cleared by their physician, the student-athlete will begin a return to play progression, which must be completed prior to returning back to their sport.


11.Will fans be allowed to attend games this year?

 Currently, Ludlow Athletics allows home fans only limited to two guests per player for outdoor games and one guest per player for indoor games.  Athletics and LPS School Committee will continually assess the situation as the year progresses.


12.If fans are not allowed or limited in our venues how can families and friends watch their student-athletes play?

Ludlow High School has partnered with the National Federation of High School Sports (NFHS) to live stream our games through their network. All contests played in the LHS gym and stadium will be streamed.  Families can purchase a monthly subscription of $10.99 or an annual subscription for $69.99 to watch the contests. Ludlow High School Athletics will receive 10% back from each subscription purchased. Subscribe here


13.What can we do to help?

The success of the winter season and future seasons depends on us. As athletes and parents of athletes, we must continue to follow the state and local guidelines, which means social distancing and wearing a mask. We all want sports to happen but the only way we can make this happen is by working together to stop the spread. WE > ME