Ludlow Summer Tennis

Ludlow Summer Tennis Program   2019


Ludlow High School Tennis Complex

3 Two week sessions starting July 8th

Time: 9:00am to 10:30 am   Ages: 6-16 years

Cost: $70.00 per session

6-8 on a court with one instructor


Please make checks payable to Ludlow Summer Tennis


John Carlin  Director



Participation in athletics is inherently dangerous. Even when all reasonable precautions are taken, children can be and, indeed, may be injured. All children participate in athletics voluntarily with permission of their parents or guardians. Along with this participation, the child and his/her parents/guardians accept the risk to which the child may be exposed.




Name:_________________ Age:____ Grade:___ D.O.B.__________

Address:___________________ City/Town:______________ State:___Zip code:______

Phone#(   )_________________School:______________________

Tennis experience: Beginner____ Intermediate____

Deposit $__________  Balance Due $____________

1st session________________

2nd  session_______________

3rd  session________________


I hereby authorize the staff of Ludlow Summer tennis to act for me/my child to their best judgement in any emergency requiring medical attention. I hereby waive and release the staff of Ludlow Summer Tennis and any of its agents from any and all liability for injuries or illness incurred while playing tennis.

PARENT  SIGNATURE: _______________________Daytime phone: ______________

Mail to: John Carlin

154 Shefford Street                    Phone:   413-237-2626

Springfield, MA 01107-1229